Did you ever wonder if you are paying the right price for your wall cladding material?
You can be penny wise and pound foolish and end up paying 50% more by choosing a wrong brand!

AON HEWITT, is the world's top global human resource consulting and outsourcing firm. They decided to clad their building in Bengaluru, India with superior-quality ACP sheets 16 years ago! An ACP comes with a standard warranty of 10 years! But the ACP cladding in HEWITT outperformed the warranty period and is standing firm and beautiful till date thus giving more than 150% value for money!

HEWITT chose Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels!

Learn how Aludecor ACPs are actually costing you less compared to the other brands thereby ensuring more than 150% value in your project!

Benefits of Aludecor ACP Sheets

  • Aludecor ACPs offer an array of 300+ colours and designs to choose from.
  • Aludecor ensures safety from Cancer and Brain dysfunction and guarantees good health for you and your loved ones as Aludecor ACPs use 100% non-toxic lead-free paints. No VOC gases or carcinogens are produced as well.
  • Aludecor ACPs ensure extremely long-lasting shine and colour, which will not fade even after years of usage, as our ACP panel has a 70:30 PVDF to Acrylic paint ratio.
  • Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels passes stringent quality checks, from pre-treatment to finished products; hence you can be worry-free about paint peel off or paint cracking.
  • Aludecor assures your peace of mind, as your exterior facade made with Aludecor ACP can withstand all weather conditions and can reflect up to 98% of harmful UV rays preventing them from fading or rusting.
  • Aludecor ACPs make your cladding aesthetically appealing as our products have the best flatness in the industry with almost zero undulation.
  • Aludecor Aluminium Composite Sheets are fully recyclable. It uses aluminium that will give you 80% discard value!
  • Aludecor ensures the fire safety of a building's residents, as you can choose from our range of fire-retardant ACPs.
  • Aludecor Design Assist Services can turn your constructional dreams into reality. You can curate parametric 3D façade designs with Aludecor ACPs!

Our Reputed Clientele

What Our Clients Say

More than 127344 Buildings have been adorned with Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels till date! Won the trust of half a million Happy Customers!

  • India's most innovative ACP company .
  • 17+ years of meticulous experience & thought leadership.
  • Pioneer in the Indian ACP Manufacturing Industry with 2 Manufacturing Units spread over 25000 sq.m.
  • Have a production capacity of 56 lakh sqm (approx.) per annum.
  • Footprints in 250+ cities
  • 500+ strong retail network
  • A Truly Made In India company
  • A Green Company