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    Aludecor Timber - An ACP Series Next Best to Nature

    Every year, billions of trees are felled, with 4.5 million of them being used for infrastructure. This is a serious environmental problem that has been plaguing the whole universe and causing an ecological imbalance. Due to deforestation, carbon footprints are increasing day by day. India is the world's third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for 2.46 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, or 6.8% of global emissions. Every citizen in India has a carbon footprint of 0.56 tonne per year, with the underprivileged having a carbon footprint of 0.19 tonne and the wealthy having a carbon footprint of 1.32 tonne. Aludecor, as a sustainable company, does not stimulate deforestation and instead uses ACPs sheets with a wood-like appearance and feel.

    What Makes Our Timber ACP Panels Unique

    With a stunning innovation of Timber series ACPs, Aludecor has taken the new-age timber architecture to the pinnacle. The Timber series offer a wide selection of fabulous range of Walnut, Teak, Beech, Maple, Cherry and Afro. Seven new design families have been introduced in the series: Heartwood, Knotty, Hickory, Burl, Zebrawood, Ash and Pine.

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    100% wood-like ACP Sheets, a perfect alternative to natural Timber


    23 unique Timber textures in ACP


    70:30 PVDF to Acrylic paint ratio ensure extremely long-lasting shine and colour


    100% availability in FR (Fire-Retardant), AG+ (Antibacterial) and Armor (Anti-insect) variants on request.

    Amazing Advantages

    Easy to install

    Used for multiple applications (exterior and interiors)

    100% borer, termite and fungi proof

    Easy to maintain and clean contrary to real wood or compact laminates

    Top-notch aesthetics with superior durability
    100% worry-free from paint peel off or cracking – passes stringent quality checks
    100% non-toxic Lead-free paints ensure safety from Cancer and Brain dysfunction
    Zero VOC gases released, guaranteeing good health
    100% recyclable ACP sheets

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    Brand Milestones

    More than 127344 Buildings have been adorned with Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels till date! Won the trust of Half-a-Million Happy Customers!

    17+ years of meticulous experience & thought leadership.
    Pioneer in the Indian ACP Manufacturing Industry
    Presence in 250+ cities
    500+ strong retail network
    A Truly Made In India company
    A Green Company