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    Copper and Zinc Composite Panel- An incredible cladding solution!

    Those who leave an impression do so quietly. Their decisions emanate self-assurance and charm. You can tell that they're different just by looking at them. They are a class apart! Aludecor's Copper Composite Panels (CCP) and Zinc Composite Panels (ZCP), introduced for the first time in India by Aludecor, break new ground on cladding dreams. Super durable and stunning to have them adorn your facades will be a style statement in itself. They blend the natural beauty of zinc and copper with Aludecor MCPs' flatness, durability, simplicity of manufacturing, and cost-effectiveness. With all of the advantages of composite panels, they can be used in both traditional and modern designs. Copper and zinc are both natural elements. They may be recycled up to 100 percent and have a lower embodied energy than aluminium or steel. This is why they consume less energy during manufacture and have a longer life when they are removed. A win-win situation for both the architect and the builder is combining a high recycling rate with little maintenance and a long life cycle.

    The main areas of application for ZCP and CCP are façades, claddings, roofs and interiors.

    • ZCPs and CCPs can be fabricated using the same equipment used for Aludecor MCPs.
    • ZCPs and CCPs can be installed with fasteners and extrusions made of aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.
    • ZCPs and CCPs come with strippable film for protection during fabrication and installation.

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    • Aesthetically superior and majestic in appearance
    • Elegant look to interiors and exteriors
    • Exceptionally strong with unmatched flatness
    • Fabricated and easily moulded to suit any design
    • Simplicity of manufacturing
    • Can be made fire-retardant
    • Zinc and Copper are self-healing materials
    • Zinc and Copper comes with natural colour
    • Copper Composite Panel is an anti-microbial solution
    • Non-corrosive
    • They naturally develop a protective layer of zinc carbonate or patina as they age
    • Lifetime potential of over 100 years (subject to environmental conditions and proper installation)
    • Cost Effective
    • Low maintenance
    • Eco-friendly and natural with 100% water run-off
    • The use of Zinc and Copper enable buildings to qualify for LEED points
    • No additional paints, sprays, or other treatment is needed

    What Our Clients Say

    Properties of Zinc, Protection against Fire- Zinc Composite Panel-FR

    The Aludecor Zinc Composite Panel's zinc coil has been sourced from VMZINC France. Architects, façade consultants, and specialists check for the fire retardant or FR grade of the cladding material as well as aesthetic appeal while choosing a material for buildings.

    Aludecor Zinc Composite FR Panel (Class B) is the product of our in-house R&D team's dedicated and advanced research. In the Indian Composite Panels market, it shows to be a great invention. The low melting point of Zinc and its heat conductivity, which were managed by the FR Core created by Aludecor, have made Zinc Composite Panel a success. The FR Core, which is made in-house, helps to decrease the temperature by utilising Aluminium Tri Hydrate and Magnesium Di Hydroxide, which regulates the temperature and prevents the spread of flames and smoke. Aludecor is the first firm in India to produce this amazing zinc cladding panels for the rest of the world! ZCP-FR not only aids in fire retardant, but it also has the potential to save lives.


    More about Copper Composite Panel

    Aludecor Copper Composite Panels are made from copper coils supplied from Europe. CCP is made up of two layers: a copper top layer and an aluminium bottom layer. The International Copper Association has certified Aludecor CCPs as Cu+, indicating that they are antimicrobial. They are available in both FR and regular grades. As a result, copper wall panels are excellent solution for areas where health is a top priority. CCP (C-A) has a new and fresh copper colour after cladding. The colour of the copper wall cladding facade changes dynamically when it is exposed to weathering, rain, sunlight, and humidity in a natural process. It transitions from a gleaming copper to a dark matte brown. Spectacular patina patches appear on the panel's surface after years of oxidation. The vibrant green patina patches give the structure a vivid appearance while also preserving the facade from corrosion. The location, latitude, and longitude of the building have an impact on the patina formation process. However, the most common colour combination is red-copper-brown-patina.




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